Things in life

I am looking for many things in life. Not all of them are more work.

I’ve once heard a feature interview on something called the “Generation Y” on the radio. For those of you who have never heard ot them: That Generation is, in opposition to the post-WW “Generation X” a somewhat lazier and more hedonistic one. Generation X tried to work itself up the ladder, from the dishwasher and everything to the selfmade man. But Generation Y is so very tired of this. They don’t want to be the “killing themselves” doctors and lawyer types anymore. They want to live.

I think, they make a good point. All our lives are matched to effort and reward. We are trained to be effective, productive and creative in an effective and productive way. We watch people go to Harvard on television and wish we would be like that but we’re not. I’m most certainly not, I’m German. Our aspirations will most likely outlive our real lives, still I believe, many can’t accept this. (continued “Things in life”)