These days en vogue: Standing up against body-shaming. Fat people, chubby people, skinny people–everyone found something to complain about. Fattitude is an actual word. I don’t want to join this chorus. Let me be clear about this in the first place. I think, basically every human has some part of their body they just don’t like. I think, that’s normal. I don’t really think it is normal to have pride about everything. I am not proud to be German, to be a woman, to be not tall or to be fat or not fat.

Anyway, what seems funny to me is the sheer amount of beautiful “yoga bodies”. Those perfect women all over the mats of this world and I’m not one of them. Sincerely, I think, I do look okay, but I do not look like this or that and I’m not sure I or this pose ever will. Somehow, I think that getting there is not the actual point. For me, this is to relax and not to pursue some perfection.

However, next month I’m starting with a new yoga class in Munich! Yay! And I want to be prepared. So, since I’m starting fresh with yoga, this time I want to collect my baby steps in an album. While reading my favorite yoga book I just noticed once again, how well-shaped everyone’s looking in there. (Actually, that’s usually helpful, since with skinny, fit people you can see what you need to do in each pose much better.) Sometimes I’d like to see a book with some normal and chubby chicks. I don’t like the idea of #fattitute, because I basically believe that promoting obesity is the same as promoting smoking… unhealthy shit I don’t really need. But there is something between perfect yoga body from the book and fat pride lifestyle. I believe it’s called average. Something like a reallife yoga book. Doesn’t mean that you can’t be a skinny yoga person. I think, you can, if you want to. Let’s see how that works out for me (Abs, finally?!!). Therefore, here is the first shot. Take care! And don’t stretch too much 😉 Here’s a new hashtag for all you imperfect standard yoginis.


Don’t do what I do with my arms… I had to take this shot a few times and my arms were kind of annoyed…

Finally, I want to be able to bend forwards, since this pose (janu shirshasana) is called the “head to knee” pose… Let’s see how that’s gonna work out.